S’mores Cookies!

Ahhh, s’mores. The slightly sweet, crunchy graham cracker pieces enclosing warm, fluffy marshmallows and silky-smooth melted chocolate. Memories of summer, winter, and – okay, I’ll admit it, s’mores are kind of perfect anytime. My good friend posted the recipe for s’mores stuffed chocolate chip cookies by Picky Palate on my facebook wall, and it suddenly hit me how much I wanted s’mores, right now.

I wasn’t feeling the whole s’mores in cookies thing (they turn out so huge!) so I remembered a s’mores cookies post by Kim over at Lovin the Oven that had s’mores components in a chocolate chip cookie dough and after a trip to the store to get s’mores ingredients, I whipped up these delicious cookies!

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