Blueberry-Peach Crumble

Ever since the start of summer and the appearance of blueberries and strawberries galore, I have been eagerly anticipating the start of peach season. To me, a hallmark of summer is selecting a giant basket of peaches at the farmer’s market and proceeding to slowly but surely make one’s way through all the giant, glorious peaches. Peaches are great on their own after a quick rinse, but why not slice them up and throw them in a cobbler, a pie, or this yummy crumble? However you might want to save making this for a cooler summer day to tolerate the hot oven in your kitchen.

I had originally planned to make a peach cobbler once peaches showed up in grocery stores in the droves, but I couldn’t help but alter my plans once I found this blueberry-peach crumble recipe. I have to admit, a main reason for that was because the purple and orange-yellow colors looked absolutely fantastic. I also didn’t really want to roll out dough for a cobbler topping so a quick mixture of oats, flour, sugar, and butter to throw on top of the fruit was irresistibly easy! The blueberries and peaches in this crumble were juicy and fantastic. This crumble is a must-serve along with giant scoops of vanilla ice cream!

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