Nutella Swirl Bread

I famously hate working with dough. First, you’ve got to wait for it to rise, and I usually simply don’t have the patience from that. If I’m baking something I want it in the oven and out and in my mouth within an hour – max. Second, working with dough usually involves rolling it out. My kitchen has limited space, and I desperately wish for an granite-top counter/island where I could peacefully roll out my dough. Sadly, I had to settle for my kitchen table and copious amounts of saran wrap to keep the flour on the surface from getting everywhere! Maybe in the future under different circumstances I’ll fully embrace working with dough. I can’t deny that it produces delicious results! But for now, working with dough is an incredibly rare occasion. I’m glad to say that this nutella swirl bread recipe looked soooo yummy and enticing that I just had to tackle it, covered in flour and all!

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