Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

There’s really nothing better than a muffin for breakfast in the morning, or a snack at any time of the day. I’ve had a craving for banana the past few days (and probably still ongoing – what I would give for a banana pudding milkshake right now) and decided these muffins needed to be made asap!

I try to make things eggless whenever possible to respect my friend Elysia’s dietary restrictions, but some things just aren’t the same without eggs (mainly cookies). Muffins usually end up the best without eggs, because you can just substitute half a banana for each egg and they’ll end up nice and moist with even some added sweetness from the banana. Since I was already making banana chocolate chip muffins, I just upped the amount of banana to compensate for the lack of eggs, so these have a huge banana flavor 🙂 Not a bad thing!

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“Cinnamon sugar goodness” is only the start of how I would describe these cookies. I’ve been craving cinnamon + sugar for weeks before I finally found the time to make something to appease my sweet tooth. Many of the snickerdoodles I’ve had in my life are thin, crispy, and crunchy. I never understood the appeal of crunchy cookies. I’d rather have a chewy cookie that explodes with flavor before practically melting on your tongue. Thankfully, these cookies definitely weren’t a stereotypical snickerdoodle (at least, what “stereotypical” has been in my experiences). They were chewy, soft, thick, and fat little pillows of buttery cinnamony sugary goodness.

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