About Me

Hi! I’m Jenny. Although I’m just a college student, I love all things food. I grew up in Chapel Hill, NC, and I’m definitely more of a southern girl than I like to admit. I’m now a student at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA, so you’ll probably often see me talking about the Philadelphia food scene (which I think I follow too closely).

(That’s me! With the Washington Monument in the background.)

My passion for food began with baking, when I started baking brownies on my own at around age 11. This stuck with me through high school, and now I’ve come to discover that I’m simply a hopeless foodie. As an avid writer and photographer, these three interests were further fueled when I joined the editorial and photography staff of Penn Appetit, the food magazine at my university. I realized that I really loved this, and finally sat down in the summer of 2012 and created this blog to document and chronicle the food I encounter in my life.

Other than food, I love sunshine, coffeeshops, laughter, inspiration, indie music, and spontaneity. I want to travel all over Europe and perhaps even the world. I’m undecided on my career path, and this is currently causing me a great deal of turmoil. I could eat strawberries 24/7 all summer long.

I hope all of you readers out there enjoy my blog! Please feel free to leave questions and comments. 🙂

Contact Me:
email: jennyl@sas.upenn.edu or jenny731@gmail.com
twitter: follow @jennylu31 for quips about food, life, and college.
tumblr: souhaites
instagram: got instagram? follow me! jennyl31. I spend so much time on instagram…it’s kind of a problem.


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