Summertime sunsets (ice cream, too.)

What’s evocative of summer to you? To me it’s hot days but cool nights. Long hours of sunlight. Watching fireflies glimmer in the darkness. Laughing with friends. Beach trips and salty ocean air. Cold iced lemonade (and/or if you’re in the south like me – iced tea!). Popsicles and ice cream and sno cones. Eating fresh fruits like peaches, blackberries, and strawberries by the gallon (slight exaggeration). I’m a fan of summer.

What’s also perfect for summer is a (relatively) quick drive out to the country for an hour of so of unwinding with fresh, local-made, delicious ice cream at Maple View Farm‘s Country Store. Along with ice cream, the store, situated picturesquely atop a hill overlooking the farm and never-ending fields, also sells milk, butter, cheese, and meats. The waffle cones, like the one I got here, are also made in-house. They didn’t taste stale at all unlike the ones you often get at chain/franchise ice cream shops. Pictured above is my cone full of dark chocolate peanut butter ice cream (hidden underneath!) and cookies n cream ice cream. Don’t let the gray color of the ice cream throw you off – it’s amazing, and my favorite flavor there. The prices here are great as well. A single scoop is $2.50, two scoops is $3.50, and putting it in a waffle cone costs an extra dollar. No wonder why Maple View is one of my favorite places. I want to try all (or most, at least) of the flavors there, but I always end up going back to cookies n cream…what can I say, old habits are hard to break. However, Maple View is one of those places where you don’t need to be scared of trying something new, as everything there is bound to be delightful.

My friends and I got there just as the sun was beginning to set. We got our ice cream and sat on the rocking chairs on the porch and watched the sun slowly dip beneath the horizon. The air was cool, the bugs were minimal, the children were laughing, a clown was making balloon animals, and the ice cream was cool and creamy. This was certainly one of the best ways of spending a summer evening.

(and…ice cream all gone. I eat all my ice cream before eating my waffle cone, so the spoon became necessary.)


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